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VISA Check Card Application

Use everywhere VISA Cards are welcome.

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Please fill in your primary Union State Bank Checking Account Number.
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Name: ________________________________________________________


Street: _______________________________________

City: _________________________________________

State: ____________________ Zip: ________________


Home: ___________________

Work: ____________________

Cell: ____________________

Security Info:

SSN (Last 4 digits ):___________________

Birthdate: ___________________

Previous Bank or Credit References: _____________________________________


Indicate any other Union State Bank accounts that you want to be able to access at ATMs with this card:

Checking: __________________________

Savings: ___________________________

Each joint owner on an account must complete and sign a separate application if multiple cards are desired.

I ("Applicant") am applying to Union State Bank ("Issuer")for a Union State Bank VISA Check Card ("USB VISA Check Card") to be used to access and initiate electronic funds transfers from the checking account identified above at ATM's and participating VISA Merchants everywhere. If this application for a USB VISA Check Card is accepted and a card issued, I will be deemed to be in agreement with the terms and conditions accompanying the card. By signing this form, I certify the information given herein to be true and correct. I authorize the Issuer to verify my credit history and to answer questions about Issuer's experience with me. I understand that the issuer will retain this application whether or not it is approved, and that the issuance of a USB VISA Check Card is contingent upon my credit check.

If a USB VISA Check Card is issued, I hereby authorize the Bank identified in this application to debit the checking account identified in this application for each purchase and cash withdrawal associated with my USB VISA Check Card.

This authorization may be terminated by either party by written notification provided to the other party. The Bank may terminate the card for misuse, fraud, or inactivity. I understand that I will be responsible for any authorized transactions made on my USB VISA Check Card prior to any termination, even though such transaction may not have been debited or posted to my account(s) as of the date of termination.

Applicant's Signature _________________________________________________ Date ________________

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