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VISA Check Card

The ATM Card that works like a check everywhere VISA Cards are welcome.

Stop by Union State main bank and order your VISA Check Card today.

Then, the next time you go shopping, leave your checkbook at home!

Please print the document linked below, fill out the application then mail or bring it to the Bank. If you have any questions call 785-632-3122

Click Here To Apply For Your Own VISA Check Card


Never give your checking or savings account number to anyone unless you are absolutely certain they are authorized to have it. If you are issued a VISA Check Debit Card, protect your card and pin number the same as you would your checking or savings account number. If you lose or misplace your VISA Check Debit Card, CALL 785-632-3122 IMMEDIATELY. INSTRUCTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS NUMBER 24 HOURS EVERY DAY.

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